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Robbins Nest RV Park Policies

For the safety, enjoyment, and peace-of-mind of all Robbins Nest RV Park guests, we thank you for helping us ensure everyone has a wonderful experience while staying here.


Check-In time is 1:00 - 6:00 PM Please call if you need to arrive later

Check-Out time is 11:00 AM. Additional fee for early check-in or late check-out (if space is available).


  1. RESERVATION POLICY: Site rental includes 2 people and 1 RV plus 1 or 2 vehicles. ALL vehicles must fit on the gravel driveway at your site. Extra vehicle fees apply to additional vehicle(s) and must be approved in advance. There is a maximum of 4 people per site at any time.

    1. Deposit is 50% of your total for stays under 30 days.

    2. Any reservation more than 1 month requires a 1 month deposit.


    1. MORE than 14 days’ notice is given before arrival = deposit is returned except a $50 booking fee.

    2. LESS than 14 days’ notice is given from arrival = NO refunds on deposits.

    3. There are no cash refunds.

    4. If you are a no show or no call/email and we do not hear from you on the day you are to arrive, your reservation will be canceled, and no refunds given.

  3. Quiet Hours are 9 PM to 8 AM daily except for special events. Running generators is not permitted at any time.

  4. Speed limit is 5 MPH within our park and strictly enforced! Pedestrians, pets, and wildlife always have the right-of-way. Violators will be asked to leave. No refunds will be given.

  5. We are a 55 and over park. Children are ONLY permitted with prior approval from the park managers. Children under age 16 are not allowed in clubhouse unaccompanied, or to play near septic system lids/equipment. Parents/guardians are responsible for your children’s behavior and compliance with all park rules. If any damages occur by children in your control, a fee will be charged for repairs.

  6. Pets: Robbins Nest RV Park loves pets, and we want to keep them safe.

    1. DOGS MUST BE ON A LEASH when outside your rig and under control of a human AT ALL TIMES. Never leave your dog unattended outside of your RV, even on a leash. No crates, fencing, pens allowed in the grass area.

    2. If your dog(s) damage any park property, grounds, you will be charged a fee for repairs needed.

    3. Pets are not allowed in the Club House or restroom/shower building at any time. The only exception is for those with a registered service animal.

    4. Owners MUST clean-up after their pets. $25 fine per offense.

    5. Excessive barking (more than 20 minutes) will not be tolerated. You will be required to vacate the property. No refunds given.

    6. ANY DOG, regardless of size, that displays aggressive behavior, i.e. "crazy barking", attacks other dogs/children/guests MUST be removed from the park property immediately. No refunds will be given.

    7. You can be asked to show updated shot records for your pets at any time.  

    8. As a courtesy, please do not walk your pets in front of the managers’ home or near the duplex apartments (front or back). Please do not walk your dog in other peoples’ spaces without being invited by the guest.

  7. Prohibited Activities and Items:

    1. Firearms/Weapons/Explosives: Use of fireworks, discharge of firearms, or other explosives within the RV Park, is strictly prohibited. In no event may any person on Robbins Nest property display or brandish firearms or other weapons in a threatening manner at any time. Any violators will be asked to leave immediately. No refunds will be given.

    2. Public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited on Robbins Nest private property. Any violators will be asked to leave immediately. No refunds will be given.

    3. No tent or vehicle camping is allowed (must be a fully self-contained RV)

    4. Solicitation is NOT allowed in our park. If you see someone trying to sell something, please send them to the management or ask them to leave.

    5. NO motorized dirt bikes or ATV’s may be ridden in the park. No running of these engines for any length of time. Please do NOT run your diesel engine for long periods of time.

    6. No political or religious flags or decorations on Robbins Nest RV Pk private property is allowed. American Flags, Sports Flags or fun flags/signs are welcome.

    7. No Running any type of business from the RV spaces is permitted.

    8. No selling of any personal vehicles, RVs, boats, or any item within the park property is permitted.

    9. No outside electric appliances are permitted on park property.

    10. Do not put food out or feed, in your space (bread, crackers, popcorn, etc.) to feed crows, wild turkeys or other animals. These birds can cause damage to your septic and water hoses and become a nuisance.

  8. All RVs must be less than 15 years old: RV’s must look nice with no broken/damaged or missing parts. In a decent state of repair and functional, and fully self-contained and contain fresh water and waste holding tanks. We will consider older RVs in well maintained condition with manager/owner approval. We reserve the right to refuse any vehicle not meeting park standards.

  9. Relocations: Guests may be asked to relocate at any time, for any reason.

  10. Early Departure: In the event you choose to leave prior to your scheduled departure date there are NO refunds. Any nights stayed will be charged at the nightly rate for stays of less than 7 days or the weekly rate for stays 8 days or more. 

    1. If you are a no show or no call/email and we do not hear from you on the day you are to arrive, your reservation will be canceled, and no refunds given.

    2. If you are told to leave prior to your scheduled departure date due to an infraction of the park policies, there could be a refund depending on the reason.

    3. If a discounted rate for long term stays applies, the cost of the nights stayed would be based on our current nightly rate.

  11. Utilities: Please be careful regarding all connections to park utilities upon arrival and departure. Please conserve electric and water usage, to help keep park rates reasonable. Faulty equipment and hoses must be repaired or replaced promptly. By Oregon State Law ALL Septic lines must be connected airtight. Water lines should not have leaks or any dripping. Please only turn on breaker, 30 or 50 amp, that you need to operate your RV. Dumping of wastewater on the ground is prohibited. You will be fined for clean up if spill happens from your rig.

  12. Campfires: must be contained within a fire ring. Fire rings may not be moved and may not be used for any other purpose (trash, etc.). Do not leave your fire unattended. Be sure that your fire is completely extinguished before leaving. You are responsible for keeping your fire under control. Fires may be limited or prohibited at times, depending upon conditions. Do not burn plastic! If there is no firepit at your site, you are welcome to use the community fire pit located in the big field with all above rules applying.

  13. Club House and Showers: Club House has his & her restrooms with showers, coin op laundry machines, cable TV, Wi-Fi, reading, games, puzzles, local and travel information. Horseshoe pits are located in the field by the main entrance to the park near community fire pit.

  14. Laundry: Coin operated laundry machines are available in Club House at $1.75 per load. Rolls of quarters are available for $10. NO washing throw rugs/pet beds or large size bedding (these are smaller load machines and only hold 8 lbs. per WET load). There is a laundromat north end shopping mall if needed.

  15. Smoking/Vaping: is prohibited in Club House or restroom/showers. Under Oregon State Law No smoking within 10 ft. of the club house building. Please keep smoking in your designated RV space.

  16. Restrooms: When using restroom/showers, please TURN OFF lights and fans and make sure door shuts securely when leaving so unregistered people do not use the park facilities. Please do NOT COLOR your hair in the showers or leave personal items in restrooms. Items will be thrown out at next cleaning. If you are “messy” in the restroom/showers you can lose the privilege to use our facilities.

  17. Washing: Dish or clothing washing in the bathrooms and club house sink is prohibited.

  18. Garbage: Please do not leave any trash outside overnight. And flatten bulky items (cardboard boxes, water/milk jugs, etc.) Only Household trash to be put into garbage bin. NO large items such as furniture, rugs, appliances, wood, or electronics. Do NOT FILL THE TRASH BIN with a large amount of trash! Please take all large items to our local dump is 13 miles north on hwy 101. Littering is strictly prohibited.

    1. Cleaning of Fish is prohibited on site There is a fish cleaning station at Bullards Beach Park. If you need to fillet or bag your fish/crab on park property, please be sure to securely DOUBLE BAG waste and place in the park garbage bin immediately when done. We do not want any unwanted wild animals in the park.

  19. RV Maintenance: Washing of RVs exterior is prohibited on-site. No Car/truck washing. A car wash is up the road that can handle most RVs and big rigs. RV mechanical maintenance must be done off-site.

  20. Lawn Areas: Please keep rugs, mats, pet fences, Satellite dishes, etc. off the lawn areas and in the gravel area of the site as needed.

  21. Cut Throughs: Please do not trespass on or cut-through other spaces. Vacant campsites may not be used for parking or any other purpose. Please be considerate of other guests.

  22. Bikes: Oregon State Law requires Bicyclists under age 16 must wear helmets. Bicycles may only be ridden on the park roads. Bicycling in the grass or on sidewalk and ramp or around club house is prohibited.

  23. Damage: Any damage to campground property, caused by a guest or guest’s visitor, will be repaired at the registered guest’s expense. This includes water or sewer system damage caused by failure to follow our Winter Policies.

  24. Winter Policies:

    1. When the temperature is forecast to be at or below 32° F for several days in a row, you MUST turn off the water hydrant, and disconnect your water hose from the hydrant UNLESS you have a heated wrap for your water hose. We may turn off the main water supply, to help protect our systems. If the temperatures remain that cold for several days, we may have scheduled times that we will turn on water (likely during daytime hours). Please check with the manager for more information. This rarely happens here on the Southern OR Coast.

    2. We suggest you use PROPANE to heat your RV as it is more efficient and keeps an even temp.

    3. The Oregon Department of Health does not allow wastewater to drain onto the ground, and a broken sewer hose, due to freezing and bursting, will cause that to happen. Contact the manager ASAP if this happens. The registered guest is responsible for any fines or penalties associated with wastewater going onto the ground.

  25. Liability and Security: Robbins Nest RV Park is not liable for injuries, theft, vandalism, or damage. You are responsible for carrying insurance coverage for your RV, vehicles, and contents. Please lock your vehicles. Park owners are not responsible for the protection of guests’ personal property. The RV Park does not warranty the continuous or quality of any service provided to the RV Park by other owned businesses including Electric, Cable TV, Internet, or Garbage removal. If an outage occurs or damage is caused by these service providers or a guest of the RV Park, the RV Park, it’s Owner’s and Partners are NOT held liable in any way. Any incidental outages or closures that occur are not compensable to the guest by the RV Park due to reductions in services. Use of our restrooms, showers/laundry facilities is a privilege and use of same can be revoked by owners/management due to abuse, overuse, or renovation and repair at any time. That revocation does not constitute a breach of the rental.


Robbins Nest RV Park is not responsible for any damage to your RV or it’s equipment during any inclement weather or “acts of God” mother nature throws our way. (Strong/High windstorms, heavy rain, trees and large limbs from trees, sun fade, any wildlife, etc.)

We have 24 hr. video surveillance on the property to ensure the safety of our guests as well as the security of our facilities. Entrance to the property authorizes us to record you and use the information if prosecution is necessary.

Failure to follow ANY Robbins Nest RV Park Policies, will result in ejection without refund. Robbins Nest RV Park reserves the right to add to or alter these policies at any time. We appreciate your visit to Robbins Nest RV Park and hope you enjoy your stay with us.


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to speak to us.

In park related issues please call 541-347-2175. In police, medical or fire emergency call 911.


Robbins Nest RV Park reserves the right to refuse service to anyone or evict anyone violating any rule. This is private property. Guests assume all risk of use. We are not responsible for any loss or injury due to, but not limit to, fire, theft, vandalism, accident, negligence or acts of nature. You are liable for the actions of your pets, children, and guests and are financially responsible for any damage done to park facilities. We suggest you carry RV insurance for our long-term guests. Our insurance does not cover your personal property. Your consent to these rules, risk and responsibilities is agreed to by your remaining in the park. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please respect your neighbors’ property at all times.



Monthly and Extended Stay Guest Policies

In addition to the above policies. The following apply to says of over 30 days.


  1. Departure Dates: Robbins Nest RV Park requires a minimum 30-day notice of early departure. Excessively early departure may result in fees, up to the full cost of the projected stay. Any discounts for extended say will not be applied to the nights stayed. Delayed departure may be requested, but site availability cannot guaranteed.

  2. Mail: Monthly guests must obtain a Post Office Box (P.O. Box) for mail and may not use the campground address as their mailing or billing address. However, the campground will accept UPS or FedEx which are delivered to your site by said companies and USPS mailed packages which will be delivered to your site in a timely manner OR a phone call will be made to you that your package left is in Club House for you to pick up.

  3. Absence: For security reasons, guests shall notify owner/manager of any anticipated absence from the property in excess of four (4) days, no later than the first day of the absence.

  4. Sublets: Sites may NOT be sublet. Nonregistered visitors may not use your RV while you are gone.

  5. Relocations: don’t happen often, but guests may be asked to relocate at any time, for any reason.

  6. Structures: Permanent structures, including sheds or decks, are prohibited. Temporary steps/decks, that are well maintained and respectful looking condition, are allowed if kept within your space. All temporary structures must be pre-approved by site manager.

  7. Electricity for Metered Sites (#1-#8): Electric meters are read on the first day of each month, and payment due with your rent. Failure to pay site rental and electric payment within 3 days of rent due date, will result in eviction.

  8. Clean Sites: Sites are to be kept clean from clutter at all times. No unsightly or excessive storage, towels or clothes hanging outside RV is permitted. NO mechanical repair, changing of oil, of ANY vehicles in park. No permanent decorations. Plants must be in planters/pots only with a maximum of 20 pots of no greater the 18” diameter.

  9. Please keep your personal items/slide-outs within your space area, respect your neighbors. The Tenancy is subject to the requirements of ORS 197.493, which allows a government agency to force the removal of the RV if it doesn’t stay connected to the utilities and with tight fitting hoses to septic and water.

  10. Space rent can be increased with 30 days’ written notice at any time for any registered monthly stay guests.

  11. Abandoned RVs: will be removed and/or disposed of, at the RV owner’s expense. An abandoned RV is defined as an RV that has not been occupied for 1 month or longer, after all attempts to contact owner have gone unanswered.

  12. Failure to follow Robbins Nest RV Park Policies, will result in ejection without refund. Robbins Nest RV Park reserves the right to add to or alter these policies at any time.